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I see art in life and I hope you’ll discover life in my art. 

This life is filled with so many celebrations of beautiful, happy color, as well as subtle, peaceful moments of observation, realization and gratitude. As a young girl, my parents taught me to fully appreciate the simple, the amusing, and the profound so abundant in God’s creation - the intricacies of a flower, the brilliance of a sunset, the peacefulness of a white sand beach, the breeze playing in a field, the majesty and movement of water. These things come together in my colorful, loose interpretations of what I see and experience in the everyday.

I am a life-long student of art and art continues to teach me.  It’s a place of growth and learning, acceptance and discovery. I’ve been blessed with strong artist friends and coaches in my life who have encouraged me to fly in the face of hesitation and refuse to do less than freely, boldly and joyfully create from the inside out. 

My art holds extra special personal meaning for me. It represents a part of the strong bond that still exists between me and my sweet mom. God gifted her with the ability to see this world through the eyes of an artist, and with the wonder, appreciation, and enthusiasm to match. My paintings are in turn my way of sharing my gift of creativity with you.

Art is a place of growing and learning, acceptance and discovery. I enjoy hearing about the journey, hearing the recounting of a memory, and sharing in the feelings evoked when someone experiences one of my pieces. I consider it a privilege when someone shares with me from their life story. I will always welcome the opportunity to connect with you, whether by phone, email, messaging, or maybe participating in an art crawl or special event gathering. 

I can’t imagine life without continual creation, imagination and play.

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Nashville, TN


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